Over the Bridge

We finished our little shopping tour by Dongdaemun Plaza at around 12. We were gonna grab a taxi at that point with all our bags, but the cab drivers wouldn't want to drive with meter and were asking for 40€ a ride instead of the 7€ it normally would've costed. So what the hell the metro was right there and about 3 years for me and my mother.

At 1 AM two stations away from our hotel the metro closes. Everyone has to get out. Which we of course were unaware of. Above ground everyone of course wants to grab a cab to get home or wherever they were going on a Saturday night. 

We ask more than half a dozen cabbies to drive us home but all of them refuse, say it's either too short or too much traffic to drive there in their broken english.

The hotel was straight just straight ahead. So we decided to walk. Hailing cabs along the way, unsuccessfully. when we got to the the bridge there were only cars. Next to the highway ran a small bike lane. Across the river and an small Island. Straight on for 4.8 kilometres. 

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